Our Philosophy

We are proud to bring you FUN and exciting race opportunities. Our event services are innovative, personal and second to none. Our professionally timed events are held at beautiful locations that feature well-thought out course environments. Your State of Mind and Safety are our priority. We look forward to your involvement in our races. Since USAT was recognized as the governing body for the sport in the late 90's we sanctioned all of the events we organized. When USAT first offered a certification for race directors I paid and went to Colorado and attended. I also obtained the USAT race director level II certification when it first became available. When USAT added re-certification requirements and the fees keep rising we choose to stop sanctioning our events. We have maintained our low rates and insure our events and continue to provide fun and safe courses. See you at the races!.

The Latest News

We are cutting back our events in 2014. We hope to see you at the Boys Ranch and Marineland this year. If you want us to sign you up for the newsletter please don't hesitate to email us. You will get a response as soon as possible. You can also email us your ideas and feedback. Your feedback is very important to us and our goal is to meet your expectations.

Thanks to the Team

I want to thank our team (the family) who have come together for the past decade to help put on safe and exciting events. My wife and I have organized events since the early 80's and enjoy creating healthy activities for all ages. In December 2013 we lost one of our family, my mom, Helene. She has always been there to help out. Never asking for anything in return except to give your best effort in what ever you do. See you at the races. It's all State of Mind.